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Strong odor from the paint. What we suggest!

Oil-based paints used for exterior or wood and metal surfaces produce a heavy strong smell. For your home walls and ceiling, we use water-based paints so the smell is not strong. We also provide higher performance "zero-odor" paints for the sensitive.


If you are afraid of the strong odor from our painting services, we can give you a couple of suggestions!

From Nippon's selection of premium paints, 

1) Nippon Odour~less All-in-1
2) Nippon Odour~less Easy Wash
3) Nippon Odour~less Medifresh

These 3 paints have almost no odour! If you or your kids noses are sensitive, we highly recommend choosing these 3.

For those who are not too afraid of the smell, Nippon Vinilex 5000, the standard paint produces low odour that lasts 1-3 days.

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