Why is a sealer required before painting?

Sealers are required everytime you need a fresh coat of your paint for your home. The sealer is the layer of glue between the wall and your poster. It helps with adherence and overall smoothness of the paint, without it, your fresh new coat of paint will easily peel. 

There are two types of sealers: Water-based and Oil-based sealers.

1) Water-based Sealer - Standard sealer used for interior painting. They are Odorless.

2) Oil-based Sealer - Standard sealer used for exterior painting. However, if your interior walls have burn marks or the walls are really old (Around 20 years old without new paint), you will need to use oil-based sealer. This is so the old stains and burn mark do not penetrate through the paint.

Sealers also help to give a strong foundation to the paint coat making it look stark to the choice of paint color.


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