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What are some causes of your peeling paint?

The issue with peeling paint is multifactorial. It can be caused by many things but we will list down the common ones.



1) Water Seepage - The most common cause of paint peeling is the seeping of water into your ceilings or walls. This water seepage can come from cracks where water from the other side can seep into. Commonly, the top floors of HDBs and Condos are most affected. The walls and ceilings near the toilets are also usually affected. Before getting us to paint such an area, you will need to contact a waterproofing specialist.


2) Lacking a coat of sealer - Before giving your homes a fresh coat of paint, you will need a coat of sealer or primer. You can think of it as a layer of glue, without it, your fresh coat of paint easily peels. They help the paint grip and adhere onto the surface in a uniform manner, allowing your paint to have a strong foundation and smooth look.

There are many more reasons to why your paint might be peeling, due to mold growth leading to deterioration of painting materials.. due to the conditions of the wall being damaged by shock, etc. To get your walls and ceilings fixed.. 


Paint peeling due to no sealer


Paint peeling due to water seepage


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